Morphological analysis of Caligus elongatus von Nordmann, 1832 (Copepoda: Caligidae) from the rosy goatfish Parupeneus rubescens (Mullidae). Micro Res Tech. 2020; 83(11):1369-80.

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Alghamdi, Rewaida AbdelGaber, Saleh AlQuraishy1,Mohamed A. Dkhil, Maha H. Elamin, Masheil . 2020
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Microscopy research technique
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Copepods are a common component of ectoparasite assemblages of all kinds of fish,
from all environments and ecosystems. In the present investigation, a total of
80 specimens of the rosy goatfish Parupeneus rubescens were randomly collected
from the Arabian Gulf, and then transported to the laboratory in order to be dissected
and examined for the presence of copepodid infections. Copepod parasites
were recovered from the gills of the infected fish. One copepod species within the
Caligidae family was identified and labeled as Caligus elongates von Nordmann, 1832.
This copepod species examined using light and scanning electron microscopy to
observe the most characteristic generic features. Morphological and morphometric
characterizations revealed differences between the identified species and other
related copepodid species. Therefore, the present study showed that the rosy goatfish
is a new host for this Caligus species and added a new locality record for this