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Amal Muhanna AlMuhanna


Lecturer,Zoology Department Faculty of Science, King Saud University Women Students, Medical Studies & Sciences Sections,

كلية العلوم
كلية العلوم مبنى 5 قسم علم الحيوان الدور الثالث مكتب رقم 116

علم الاحياء 145


دراسة تركيب و وظائف الخلية لحيوانية و الورثة الخوية . الانسجة الحيوانية المختلفة ,تشريح الفار ,  تركيب الدم و فصائلة 




Zoology ( 106 )

First Final Practical Exam - Second Semester(1)

اسم الطالبة :                                                      الرقم الجامعي :                             الأستاذة المشرفة : 




Part ( A )

1- a) Identify the labeled part                       Renal  corpuscle


         b) The function of this structure is


2- a) Identify the specimen                                     Artery


    b) The name of the layers from inside to outside  :-

  1-                                                    2-                                              3 -                                   


3 - a) Identify the specimen                              Liver


     b) The cells of this tissue are called 


4 - a) Identify the specimen                                Stomach


     b) It is composed the following layers from inside to outside  :- 

  1-                                       2-                                     3 -                                   4 -        


5- a) Identify the specimen                        Areolar Connective Tissue     




     b) The fibers that occur as single and branched are


 6- a) Identify the specimen                        Plant cells


     b) The chromatin of these cells is surrounded by  


7- a) Identify the specimen                       t . s  of spinal cord


     b) The tissue is surrounded closely by a tissue called


8 - a) Identify the labeled part        Cell  Division (Plant Mitosis:anaphase).  


     b) Name the next stage                                                                     


9- a) Identify the specimen              Simple Sqaumous Cells (Top view).


      b) One characteristic feature  of these cells is 


10- a) Identify the labeled part                           Sperm 


      b) One characteristic feature  of these cells is 



11- a) Identify the specimen                  Oesophagus


      b) The mucosa is formed of 


12- a) Identify the specimen                        Cardiac Muscles


      b) The cytoplasm of this tissue is called 


13- a) Identify the specimen           Cartilage


      b) The cells of this tissue lie in 



    Part (B)


14- Identify , draw and label the following slide :

The Liver























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