Determination of nephrotoxicity and genotoxic potential of silver nanoparticles in Swiss albino mice

Journal Article
Alkahtani, Saud Alarifi, Daoud Ali, Mohammed A Al Gurabi & Saad . 2017
Magazine \ Newspaper
Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry
Issue Number
NO. 2,
Volume Number
VOL. 99,
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Publication Abstract

Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) possess properties that are important for industrial and medical applications. This study is aimed to investigate intra-peritoneal toxicity of AgNPs at 26, 52 or 78 mg/kg/ day for 5 days in mice Swiss albino mice. The effects on oxidative stress markers activities of serum superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT), levels of serum glutathione (GSH), apoptosis (TUNEL assay), DNA strand breaks (comet assay) in lymphocytes, as well as histopathological of kidney tissue were determined. AgNPs significantly increased SOD and CAT activities reduced GSH levels. In kidney apoptosis (TUNEL assay) while DNA strand breaks (comet assay) in lymphocytes revealed that AgNPs at concentration 78 mg/kg produced significant apoptosis and DNA damage. AgNPs also produced associated histological renal tissue damage. Evidence suggests that AgNPs-mediated alterations may be attributed to oxidative stress.