105 Stat

  Department of Statistics & Operation Research-King Saud University
Second Semester 1440/1441
Dr. Walid Emam,  Office:  2B48,  email:  wemam.c@ksu.edu.sa
Catalog Description

Week Title
W1 Some discrete distributions: Binomial, Hyper geometric, Poisson, Uniform
W2         Discrete distributions: expectations, variances, probabilities, approximations
W3 Some continuous distributions: Normal, t, Chi squares, F
Probabilities, tables, critical points
W4 central limit theorem and Sampling distribution of
means, proportion, variance
one & two populations
The First Term Exam, Sunday, 13-7-1441, 7 - 8.30 AM
W8 Point and interval estimation: Mean, Proportion, variance two populations
W10 Testing Hypothesis: Mean, Proportion, variance one population
W12 Chi-square tests
The second Term Exam, Sunday, 12-8-1441, 7 - 8.30  AM
W13 Analysis of correlation and regression
W14 Analysis of variance: single factor
                                       Analysis of variance: complete block design W15
Test No. 1 : 30 Marks (1.5 hours) Grading Policy
Test No. 2 : 30 Marks (1.5 hours)
Final Test :40 Marks  (2 hours)


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