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Seema zargar


Professor of Biochemistry

كليات البنات
R287-Building 5

introduction/brief CV

Prof. Seema Zargar
Postal Address:                                                         Phone:            8051692
Department of Biochemistry
College of science, King Saud university
Prince Turkey Road
Riyadh; Saudi Arabia-11495
RESEARCH TOPIC  of PhD: Molecular mechanism of pathogenesis of dengue virus and its interaction with host cell proteins.
 Purification of recombinant envelope protein of Dengue virus  (infective domain) was done by Ni-NTA affinity column and it was labeled and interacted with blotted  two dimensional gels of total proteins of mammalian cells. This interaction could show us the proteins that might be responsible for DEN-virus entry or its propagation in mammalian cells. The principal techniques used in the study were Isolation of total proteins, one dimensional gel electrophoresis, two dimensional gel electrophoresis, far Western blotting, Ni-NTA protein purification of expressed proteins, electron microscopy and MALDI-TOF analysis, etc 
Academic editor Biomed Research International and guest editor of molecules

2021- till date: Professor of Biochemistry at King Saud University Riyadh
2016-2020: Associate Professor at King Saud University. Riyadh.
 2011-2016: Assistant Professor at King Saud University. Riyadh.
 2009-2011: Associate Scientist at King Faisal Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh.
 2004-2009: PhD Biotechnology, Jamia Hamdard. 
 FACS analysis of CD3, CD4 and CD8, CD25, CD44 and Ki67 antibodies.
 MACS separation of different cell types (Magnetic cell sorting)
 Adipose tissue separation and culturing from lipoaspirate of abdominal fat or gluteal fat tissue
 Elisa for IL-6, adiponectin, Insulin, leptin,TNF-a and other adipokines.
 Isolation of thymocytes and splenocytes from mice and their culture.
 Extraction of DNA from mouse tail and their genotypic.
 Extraction of protein and Western blotting of cell lysates.
 Culturing of different types of primary and secondary cultures including established cell lines.
 Gene expression by Reverse transcription PCR.
 Cloning, cDNA library preparation  and yeast two hybrid selection, Real time PCR, tunnel assay and double immunofluorescence.
 Supervising Trainees and students from other institutes like King Saud University, Alfaisal University, College of Pharmacy and Dentistry, etc.
Topics Taught include: Genetic manipulation and gene therapy, Advances in genomics and Bioinformatics, Recent aspects in molecular genetics, Recent advances in metabolism, Advanced bioanalytical techniques, advances in biochemical research, Biomembranes, Biochemistry of specialized tissues, Biotechnology and genetic engineering, Gene, Genetics, molecular carcinogenesis, Antibiotics, Immunology, Gene expression, bioinformatics, molecular Biology, selected Topics in Biochemistry, inborn errors of metabolism, Biochemistry of Blood.

Currently supervising

Targeting the effect of metformin and dioxin on cancer cells through DNA repair pathways and telomerase extension 

Mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effect of atorvastatin on LPS-induced breast cancer cell by regulation NFκB pathway

Molecular basis of regulation of cancer progression by Poziotinib and its combination with olmutinib

In vivo study of effects of intervention of olmutinib alone and with wheat germ oil on

cell signaling pathways in thioacetamide induced mice

Study the Role of AUF1 Inhibition in Chemo Sensitization of Osteosarcoma Cells

Analysis of the potential molecular effects of Tartrazine and high dose exposure of Aspirin on cell cycle in rat brain
2.Cross-omics analysis of neratinib induced effects on different tissues of mice
Effect of expression of STK11 and its promoter activity in human breast cancer cell lines. (PI)
Molecular Basis of Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia in Saudi Population (PI).
Role of Angplt8 Betatrophin gene polymorphism in Metabolic syndrome manifestations among Saudi subjects (PI).
The effect of Gum Arabic on cholesterol synthesis and serum lipids of atherogenic rats (PI).
Genetic screening of Saudi neonates for the neonatal diabetes associated mutations in ABCC8 gene (PI)
2.  Polymorphic pattern of certain genes in ovarian cancer in Saudi patients. (Co-PI)
3. Innate immunity and ovarian cancer: Role of the inflammatory cytokines (IL-1b  and TNF-a) and their receptors (IL-1 receptor and TNF receptor). (Co-PI)  
4. Anti-microbial activity of zingier officinal and curcum longa extracts against some selected micro-organisms’. (PI) 
5. Efficacy of medicinal plant extracts in growth of fungi and subsequent production of citrinin(PI) (selected in Scientific excellence for King Saud university students)
6. Assessment various impurities of water from several well water supplies from Riyadh region of Saudi Arabia (PI) .
7. Efficacy of date extract on inhibition of Citrinin production by Penicillium notatum and Aspergillus flavus (PI).
8. Cloning and sequencing of camel SOD gene (co-PI)  
Other Activities
Member, Postgraduate Committee                                                     2014-2020
Department of Biochemistry, College of Science,        
Sciences & Medical Studies Department for Women Students,
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.   

Member, curriculum Committee                                                     2016-2020
Department of Biochemistry, College of Science,        
Sciences & Medical Studies Department for Women Students,
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.   
Member, Accreditation Committee                                                     2016-2017
Department of Biochemistry, College of Science,        
Sciences & Medical Studies Department for Women Students,
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.   
Member, Laboratory Committee                                                          2011-2013
Department of Biochemistry, College of Science,        
Sciences & Medical Studies Department for Women Students,
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.   
Member, Examination Committee                                                        2011-2014
Department of Biochemistry, College of Science,        
Sciences & Medical Studies Department for Women Students,
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.    

Member, Safety Committee                                                                  2011-2013
Department of Biochemistry, College of Science,        
Sciences & Medical Studies Department for Women Students,
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.   

Scored second position in M. Sc Biochemistry 
Qualified JRF and Eligibility for Lectureship (NET) held on 22nd June 2003 conducted by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi (All India Level Exam).  
Senior Research Fellowship from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (All India Level Eligibility Test).
Qualified GATE 2004 with 94.5 percentile at All India Level.


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Book Chapters:
Colchicine induced ion channel formation into membranes as mechanism behind chemotherapy drug cytotoxicity of cancer cells. (2019) A. Alqarni, Seema Zargar, M. Ashrafuzamman. Chapter V, 151-189.Lipid bilayers. Nova medicine and health, New York.
Transcription and its regulation. (2017) Seema Zargar and Tanveer Ahmad Wani. Chapter II, 19-30. Quick Revision of Molecular Biology. Research India Publications. India. 


  1. Oral speaker  Genomic approach in treatment of viral diseases. in Genomics and Precision medicine Uk
  2. Poster in American chemical society.
  3. Seema and S.K. Jain. Proteomic approach for characterization of cell surface receptors for dengue virus: protein profile of permissive and non-permissive cells. Biotechnology and Human welfare magazine. 2006. Hamdard University. New Delhi.
  4. Seema and Jain S. K. proteome profile of permissive and non-permissive cells for different serotypes of dengue virus. 33rd immunological society  proceedings. 2004, 341-342.
  5. Attended Interdisciplinary Science Conference on Recent Trends in Research in Biological Sciences.
  6. Attended National Conference on Electron Microscopy and Allied Fields and XXIX Annual Meeting of EMSI.

Reviewer to Journal of Infectious disease and immunity, Intervirology, Indian journal of Biological Sciences, Hindawi publishing systems,Science international, JBC, J of mol liquids, molecules, J. of Molecular dynamics and many more
Member of European Federation of Biotechnology. 
Member of Indian Immunological society 


Gender                                               :           Female
 Marital Status                                    :           Married
 Hobbies                                             :           Travelling, & Internet surfing.
 Nationality                                          :           Indian
 Permanent Address                         :           House No.19, Ahmadnagar , Srinagar , Kashmir, India -190006
Seema Zargar

areas of expertise

Cell biology; Bioinformatics; Biotechnology; Genetics; Pharmaceutical Science; Biochemistry

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This course is designed to provide Post graduate PhD students  familiarity with biological principles and modern approaches for the use of   transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs…


In this course PhD students will learn recent aspects of applied Bioinformatics to be used for molecular genetics,  metagenomics, phylogenetics, multiple alignments, NGS data analysis, SNP…


Advanced-level discussions of selected topics in eukaryotic molecular biology are taught to Ph.D students with emphasis on current and classical research papers and review articles. Main topics…

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