Towards a Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A Pakistani Model

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Usmani, Muhammad Abdul Wahid . 2012
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Archives Des Sciences
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Higher Education in Pakistan had a revolutionary change after the establishment of Higher Education Commission (HEC). With the passage of time, it was realized that maintaining quality in Higher Education must be on top priority basis in order to sustain the improvements made in higher education through HEC. Thus Quality Assurance Agency was established with a view to assure the provision of quality education. This agency gradually opened Quality Enhancement Cells (QEC) in state owned universities and assigned them the task of carrying out measures of quality as approved by the agency. These Cells were headed by renowned educationist and they were provided training as well for effective evaluation. These cells were also invited quarterly to share the findings of implementing quality assurance measures. These quarterly meetings and support of various Cells for each other is gradually creating a quality culture in the universities and its network is getting stronger and deeper. The success of this initiative of HEC penetrated in private sector universities and some of them have also established Quality Enhancement Cells in order to be a part of this network. The growing interest of the stakeholders shows that there would soon be a large local network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education with skilled evaluators striving not only to maintain quality but also enhance the same for the satisfaction of various stakeholders.