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Dr Muhammad Abdul Wahid Usmani

Assistant Professor

Consultant & Head of Quality Planning Unit

الكليات الانسانية
Deanship of Quality, 4th Floor, Building No. 19, Main Campus (Dariyah) King Saud University, Riyadh.


introduction/brief CV

This is my personal website containing my career, links to my blogs and references to my papers published in different journals. Through this website, I am trying to reach to a wider population of QA professionals who are working in different universities throughout the region. I keep posting different articles or "how to do" write ups on various areas of quality to build a network of QA professionals.
In order to watch some of my video sessions, please visit . Put usmani in the search and you will find several sessions recorded during my national seminars.

Thank you very much for visiting my site. I look forward to receiving your input and would be happy to assist you further in any areas of Quality in Higher Education. 

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Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Pakistan was formally initiated when Quality
Assurance Agency was established under Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. This



This study was conducted to see the impact of teachers training program in medical institutions after conducting ten teacher’s training courses, each of seven…

by Rana Qamar Masood, Muhammad Abdul Wahid Usmani

Higher Education in Pakistan had a revolutionary change after the establishment of Higher Education Commission (HEC). With the passage of time, it was realized that maintaining quality in Higher…

by Muhammad Abdul Wahid Usmani, Ms Suraiya Khatoon