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ماجد بن عيسى بن احمد الاحمد

Assistant Professor

عضو هيئه تدريس

كلية علوم الرياضة والنشاط البدني

Sport Agents management SMR 403

The global sports industry is overvalued. There is a huge demand for skilled negotiators to take care of the players. Talented players earn huge salaries and need top sports teams to take care of all their needs. As their agent, you need to bring your skills Start studying now and you will: • Understand the many functions and roles of a sports agent • Learn more about the sports you will be dealing with • Make a great impression on • Finding new talented players • Evaluate the value of the work of new clients and give them what they want • Dealing with Media inquiries Interviews • Advise your clients on salaries, incentives and bonuses

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