Morphometric Network Drainage Analysis for Railway Location: Case Study of Saudi Railway Company’s Project

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, ِAltuwaijri, Hamad . 2019
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Arabian Journal of Geosciences
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To determine the suitability of a railway line’s location, morphometric network drainage analysis and a high-resolution digital elevation model (10 m) were used. This study was performed using the geoprocessing techniques of GIS. The extracted drainage network was classified according to the Strahler’s system of classification to study the suitability of railway tracks’ location via the project of Saudi Railway Company (SAR) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, culvert locations were examined by using existing network drainage locations. The results indicated that some culverts are not suitable to serve during floods, and two specific culverts of the SAR project should be relocated. Map algebra was used in this research to calculate the suitability, and the results show existing railways crossing two less suitable areas.