External Factors in Using GIS Tools for City Management. Case Study: Arriyadh, Saudi Arabia

Journal Article
, ِAltuwaijri, Hamad . 2019
Magazine \ Newspaper
Journal of the Gulf & Arabian Peninsula Studies
Issue Number
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15 -38
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Publication Abstract

     GIS helps in visualizing and analyzing information that can help a user to monitor projects, make decisions, and develop solutions. Government agencies also use GIS to perform and manage many functions. In addition, GIS data can be shared between government agencies and departments. The scope of this study focused on government organizations inside Riyadh. The main objective was to study the effect of using GIS in city projects. Two different methods were used. First, GIS users and managers were interviewed, and information was collected regarding the usage of the GIS in their departments, then factors that affect city project management's use of GIS are identified. Second, the collected data was subsequently used to build an employee survey that included department heads, IT employees, and engineers. The results showed no statistically significant relationships between the success percentage of recently completed projects and sharing data or hiring GIS consulting expertise. However, a statistically significant relationship was found between the success percentage of recently completed projects and GIS training. The study recommends that the municipality and government sectors should provide appropriate GIS training for people working in city projects to upgrade the level of their work.