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Fatima, Shartaj . 2014
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International Multidisciplinary Research Journal (ISRJ)
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1 to 15
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In recent years, Cloud computing has become most needed technology for IT industry. Thecloud computing has evolving rapidly due to its various features like cost effective and on demandservice providing to the clients. Generally, Cloud service provider offers platform, software and infrastructure as service to the end user with respect to the pay-per-use basis. Now days, cloud is gettinghuge response because of its characteristics as it can be made as per requirement of an organization or endusers.

As many organizations are moving to the cloud services, there is a new concept has raised nameas Multi cloud where end user can use services from multiple cloud services. The paper investigates to security issues in the multi clouds environment. It explains about the onetime password use for authentication purposes from the multi-clouds at a single time. It elaborates about cloud clearly and use of multi clouds in organizations. In general, cloud works with internet. Initial step for the cloud management is about username and passwords. In same conditions, even passwords also getting hacked and accepts some malicious while working. One time passwords method introduced to work in a better way for username-password authentication.

This paper also conducted a survey that research relates to the single and multi-cloud security and deal with the possible solutions. The survey finds that multi-cloud providers should maintain security has received less interest from research community than single cloud usage. This paper also suggested multi-clouds has reduces security issues in cloud computing and also decreases affects of the security issues to the cloud user.

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