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Athary A. Alwasel

Assistant Professor

Faculty member

كلية إدارة الأعمال
138, 2nd floor_ CBA Building 3

introduction/brief CV

Dr. Athary Alwasel has a PhD in System and Business Analysis from the University of Surrey, and currently holds an Assistant Professor position at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She has an extensive experience in teaching several courses in management information systems field, supervising course projects, and internships. Her research interests span the areas of management information systems, business analysis, complex systems analysis and design, business processes management and business transformation. She enjoys discussing new ideas and devising feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems at the intersection of business and technology. Dr. Alwasel has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented her work at multiple international conferences and workshops. Specific fields of interest include business analytics, system analysis, and business transformation and sustainability.



areas of expertise

  • Good experience and proficiency with a broad range of software and applications
  • Knowledge of computer applications in business and management
  • Understanding of the statistical program (SPSS) 
  • Knowledge of database application and software
  • Excellent knowledge of system analysis and design
  • High knowledge of system development lifecycle
  • Excellent Competency in identifying, analyzing and redesigning business processes
  • Strong analytical skills and demonstrated experience in project management
  • Demonstrate knowledge of business process modeling language such as BPMN
  • Experience in system modeling & simulation approach
  • Technical expertise in simulation software such as Vensim, iThink, AnyLogic

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Modelling & Simulation (M&S) studies have been broadly used to gain insights necessary for coping with systems with high levels of complexity.

by Alwasel, A., Fakhimi, M., and Stergioulas, L. 2019

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) studies are used in healthcare to gain insights into different systems of
interest and assist decision-makers. There is a lack of studies that focus on…

Published in:
o Alwasel, A., Fakhimi, M., and Stergioulas, L., Garn, W. 2020

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Course Description: Business Process Management (BPM) is a field that applies knowledge from information technology and management sciences to manage business processes…


This course introduces the ERP functionalities and capabilities in contrast to the unintegrated information systems. It defines the business functional areas, processes, ERP development history,…


The purpose of this course is to equip students with a broad understanding of the key concepts of management information systems; management ‎‎information systems and operation; strategy and…

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