Perception of research ethics amongst Saudi postgraduate students: compararsion between home and abroad academic enviroment

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Aldarwesh, Amal Q.M. . 2013
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Oxford research journal
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Education in the ethical conduct of research that is acquired by postgraduate students is a key component

for their professional development in scientifi c and academic communities. This study aimed to assess Saudi

postgraduate students’ baseline knowledge of research ethics while they are studying abroad. Students were

asked to complete an online survey consisting of 32 likert-scale questions. The questions assessed the perceptions

of students regarding research misconduct, the prevalence of questionable research practices in their current

research environment and aimed to determine the infl uence of ethics education at home and abroad.

Different research misbehaviors were reported by students to have occurred in their environment at a nonalarming

rate. Self-reported misconduct was also investigated by asking the participants a single, direct question

about their own practice with 24.8% of respondents confi rming that they had committed an unacceptable

approach to research.

Most students received prior education in their home country but those who received their education outside

Saudi Arabia indicated that their awareness of research ethics and the right scientifi c approach had increased.

Graduates from Saudi Arabia may have gaps in core knowledge about research ethics as long as ethics education

is not incorporated in university curriculum.