BCH 471

Biochemistry of blood

Blood lab 471BCH experiment :
Lab 1: Separation of whole blood
lab2 :separation of plasma protein
lab3:  Haemolysing Agents& Detection of blood
Lab3: Determination of plasma enzymes using the clinical analyzer
lab 5: Haemoglobin ,Anaemia ,HCT and ESR
lab 6: Estimation of Serum Bilirubin [ Total and Direct ]
lab7: Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency , SICKLE CELL TEST and Determination of serum iron
lab 8: Red & White Blood Cell Count Differential Count& Blood cell autocounter  and  Blood Cells Autocounter
lab9 : Electrophoretic Separation of Serum Proteins and Prothrombin time and coagulation time
Reference :
Practical Note of 471 BCH and lecture PowerPoint note
Final exam date :
Quiz :
Every week there is quiz about the previous lab with 5 marks  
each experiment has report with 5 marks
Attendance and Performances
  2 marks
Final exam
with 13 marks


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