462 BCH

Biotechnology lab :

The main objectives of this course are to introduce the modern and emerging approaches in

Molecular Biotechnology and its applications in Biochemistry. The course is divided into four

rotations, each with its own theoretical and practical sessions with emphasis on the theoretical

basis of each technique, the actual working method, hands-on experience, pitfall and strengths of

each technique

Reference :

Practical Note of 471 BCH and lecture PowerPoint note

Final exam date :


Quiz :

Every week there is quiz about the previous lab =5 marks  
each experiment has report = 5 marks
Performance :
3 marks
2 marks

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plasmid_lab_.pptx 355.92 كيلوبايت
firest_lab_.pptx 183.98 كيلوبايت
2-competent_cells_formation_and_transformation_of_competent_cells_with_dna.pptx 3.17 ميغابايت
scan0001.pdf 225.03 كيلوبايت
protein_isolation.pptx 47.76 كيلوبايت
4.sds-polyacrylamide_gel_electrophoresis.pptx 403.46 كيلوبايت
6-western_blotting.pptx 733.4 كيلوبايت
elisa_mode.pptx 245.73 كيلوبايت
7._radial_immunodiffusion.pptx 2.2 ميغابايت
8.immunoelectrophoresis.pptx 717.87 كيلوبايت
plasmid_protcol_.docx 18.37 كيلوبايت
competent_protcol_.docx 20.97 كيلوبايت
protien_sheet.docx 19.59 كيلوبايت
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