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يزيد بن سليمان بن حمود الرثيع

Associate Professor

عضو هيئة تدريس

كلية الصيدلة
كلية الصيدلة, مبنى 23 الدور الاول, مكتب رقم 221

الإدارة الصيدلية والتسويق

يهدف هذا الكورس الدراسي  لتزويد الطلاب بالمعرفة الأساسية والمهارات والقدرات المرتبطة بالمبادئ الأساسية للإدارة  في الممارسة الصيدلانية و اقتصاديات الدواء

Course Descriptions and Goals:  This course is designed to provide students the core knowledge, skills and abilities associated with basic principles of pharmacy practice management and pharmacoeconomics.

Goals:  At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Apply the concepts of Medication Therapy Management Services.
  • Discuss current trends in Pharmacy Practice Management.
  • Describe leadership opportunities for pharmacists.
  • Understand fundamental pharmacoeconomic terms and apply basic pharmacoeconomics methods.
  • Describe and compare the advantages and disadvantages of various pharmacy automation/information used to facilitate medication dispensing.
  • Utilize financial and productivity analysis to prepare a financial plan/budget for a pharmacy practice.
  • Discuss the relationship of pharmacy practice to patient-related health outcomes.
  • Apply the concepts of performance improvement to pharmacy practice settings.
  • Describe how to justify, develop, implement, and document clinical pharmacy services.
  • Describe trends in drug expenditures and apply appropriate techniques to manage drug expenditures.
  • Identify staffing and financial resources for managing and providing a Pharmacy service.
  • Describe basic functions of medication use policy, including formulary management and development/implementation of therapeutic guidelines.
  • Apply practice management principles to the development of a community pharmacy practice.
  • Describe the integration of medication supply with the drug use process.
  • synthesize a plan for a contemporary pharmacy practice management issue.



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