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Professor. Tariq A Alsalhe


Dean of the College of Sports Sciences and Physical Activity

كلية علوم الرياضة والنشاط البدني
Dean office - College of Sports Sciences and Physical Activity - 2nd Floor


introduction/brief CV

.Prof. Tariq A Alsalhe , PhD

Dean - College of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity.

Director of CSSPA Research Center. 

Ph.D in Adapted Physical Activity, USA.

Master “1” in Special Education, USA.

Master “2” in Adapted Physical Activity, USA.

Experience in managing and designing community and competitive APA / APE programs for individuals with disabilities.

Founding member and consultant of Saudi Universities Sports Federation (SUSF) at the Ministry of Education.

.(2150.000 : Founding member of the Ministry of Sports Research Chair at the KSU (Average Funding

Supervisor and member of both Doctoral and Master's supervisory committee.

.Chairman of the Executive Master's Programs Committee

.Chairman of the college investment committees

.Supervising several PhD and master's students

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The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of physical education games on mathematics achievement of students with intellectual disabilities in Saudi Arabia. The participants of this…

by Tariq A Alsalhe, Luigi Bragazzi

The purpose of the study was to identify the attitudes of Saudi society toward teaching physical education (PE) classes for Saudi women in the public schools.

by Dr. Tariq A Alsalhe

Aims: The study aimed to investigate the effects of the fear of COVID-19, level of physical activity, and gender on negative stress (distress) in an Arab population by means of structural…

by Tareq A. Alsalhe1, Sulaiman O. Aljaloud1, Nasr Chalghaf2,3, Noomen Guelmami2, Dallal W. Alhazza1,, Fairouz Azaiez2,3 , Nicola Luigi Bragazzi4,5*

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The course aims to provide new research and teaching methods to adapted the lesson of physical Education to reach the ability and needs of all the students with disabilities. At the end of the…


The course aims to provide students with sufficient information of Disabled Sports & Physical Activities for individuals with Disabilities, including: History, evolution, and development. It…