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سالم بن صالح الرجيعي Salim Al-Rejaie


عميد الموارد البشريه بجامعة الملك سعود

كلية الصيدلة
كلية الصيدلة، قسم علم الأدوية والسموم، 2ب95

introduction/brief CV

Leadership activity includes: Head of Human Resources at King Saud University (KSU); Board member for implementing university statute. Head of the 9th team (2017) and the 5th team (2023) of Employment Process for the Institutional Accreditation Review Panel for KSU. Participating in implementing KSU ERP (SAP), and redesigning KSU HR hierarchy and organizational structure. Performance manager for KSU faculty, health specialties, employees and part time staff. Management for KSU staff promotion, job assessments, volunteering and initiatives; Managing data link for all KSU staff with ministry of Civil Affairs and Ministry of Finance. Team leader for translating KSU hierarchy titles, governmental civil service job titles project (~8000 titles). General Director for the Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs, Former Vice Dean for Planning and Development at the Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs. Director for King Saud University Profile Book (2009-2014). Former Consultant for the Vice Rectorate for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research.

Academic activity includes: Professor in Pharmacology & Toxicology. I received my Ph.D. degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from East Carolina University, North Carolina, USA. I was a member of King Saud University (KSU) for Excellence in Teaching Award Committee and member for the College of Pharmacy Internship Training Program Committee at College of Pharmacy.

Research activity includes: Establishment of pre-clinical labs for osteoporosis, diabetic and behavioral models. I was the managing director for preclinical and ethical use in laboratory animals and former director for Experimental and Animal Care Center. In addition, I was the director for the Establishment of the Science and Technology National Program for the Knowledge Exchange and Technology Transfer at KSU.

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  1. Fatani AJ, Alrojayee FS, Parmar MY, Abuohashish HM, Ahmed MM, Al-Rejaie SS; Myrrh attenuates oxidative and inflammatory…

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322 دوي (451 دوي سابقا): علم الأدوية العصبية 326 دوي: علم الأدوية العصبية لطلاب الصيدلة الاكلينيكية 522 دوي: السموم الاكلينيكية…