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مبني 5، الدور الثالث، مكتب رقم 105
Journal Article

Biosynthesized Nanosilver from Ginger Extract Exhibits Antioxidant and Hepatic Responses during Eimeria papillata Infection

Although several anticoccidial medications have long been used to prevent coccidiosis, their adverse effects necessitate the use of alternative control methods. In this study, Eimeria papillate was used to infect the mouse jejunum, and the response of the liver to induced coccidiosis on treatment with nanosilver synthesized from Zingiber officinale (NS) and the reference anticoccidial drug amprolium was compared. Mice were infected with 1000 sporulated oocysts to induce coccidiosis. NS was able to inhibit the sporulation of E. papillate by approximately 73%, and also, the NS treatment improved the liver function in mice, as proven by lower levels of the liver enzymes AST, ALT, and ALP. Furthermore, treatment with NS improved the parasite-induced liver histological injury. Also, glutathione and glutathione peroxidase levels increased following treatment. Moreover, the concentrations of metal ions, Fe, Mg, and Cu, were studied, where only the Fe concentration was affected after treatment of the E. papillate-infected mice with Bio-NS. The presence of phenolic and flavonoid compounds in NS is thought to be responsible for its positive effects. Overall, the current study found that NS outperformed amprolium in E. papillata-induced mice.

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ACS Omega
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by Rewaida Abdel-Gaber, Masheil Alghamdi, Saleh Al Quraishy, Esam M. Al-Shaebi, Manal F. Elkhadragy, Saeed El-Ashram, Mohamed A. Dkhil
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Environmental Science and Pollution Research

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Published in:
Parasitology International