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محمد مصطفى عمار



كلية علوم الرياضة والنشاط البدني
مبنى 69 الدور الأرضي قسم فسيولوجيا الجهد البدني مكتب عدد 32

EP 450 Theory and Practice of Resistance Training

This course deals with the link between theoretical and applied aspects of resistance training for children and adults with considering the appropriate aims for each age group as well as fitness level including older people and people with chronic disease. It also focuses on the scientific aspects and concepts of resistance training for children and adults. In addition, this course aims to provide students with knowledge of designing a resistance training program based on the recommendations issued by the specialist international organizations with considering trainers' health status and fitness levels. It also focuses on the correct performance of resistance exercises for different body parts. It also seeks to introduce students to the types of devices and equipments should be available in weightlifting training hall and fitness studio with considering safety and security factors.

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