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Mansour F AlRumayyan MD, MPH د.منصور بن فيصل الرميان


Teaching Asisstant, Community Medicine Unit. Department of Family and Community Medicine

كلية الطب
College of Medicine, 2nd Floor, Office number 71539

comm 421


PHC is an essential element of the health services of any country that aimed at providing a good health care for its community. Family Medicine is a diverse discipline in that it deals with the whole patient and his or her family. Students who intend to pursue Family Medicine as a career will have an introduction to the discipline and practice. For those who will specialize, the rotation provides exposure to different aspects of medicine where patients enter the system, and where most care takes place. We hope that you will find this attachment useful and enjoyable. To achieve the maximum benefit; hard work and appropriate methods of learning are the keys for that target.


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