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Mohammed Almutairi

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Pharmacology & Toxicology

كلية الصيدلة
Building 23, Office 1B37

introduction/brief CV

Research Interests:
Diabetes: Anionic mechanisms of insulin secretion, gene expression profile, role of drugs targeting ion transporters and channels expressed in insulin-secreting β-cells.

Neuropharmacology: Pathophysiological mechanisms involved in ischemic reperfusion (IR) injury.

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This Course deals with the uses, mechanisms of actions, side effects, precautions and interaction of antiparasitics, anti-microbials, immunosuppsessants and anticancer drugs. 


This course covers the principle of synaptic transmission and synaptic plasticity with particular emphasis on the cellular mechanism of learning and memory. This course will provide an overview of…


This course deals with various aspects which include the nervous system and the toxicity related to it.  This will compose of the structure and the function of the nervous system and the verity of…