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Musaed N. J. AlAwad مساعد ناصر العواد


Adjunct Professor - Oil and Gas Well Drilling Engineering (Rock Mechanics)

كلية الهندسة
King Saud University, College of Engineering, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department, Building 3, Office 2B81, Main Campus, Derayah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Mar 2024

The First Midterm Examination for PGE 491 (Petroleum Economics) will be held on Sunday 29/8/…

introduction/brief CV

areas of expertise

1. Rock Mechanics (GeoMechanics) ميكانيكا الصخور

2. Oil and Gas Wells Drilling Engineering (Drilling Fluids - Well Cementing - Casing Design - Wellbore Stability Analysis) هندسة حفر آبار البترول والغاز الطبيعي

3. Sand Production Control and Managment هندسة التحكم ومنع خروج الرمل من المكمن النفطي مع البترول

4. Petroleum Economics اقتصاديات البترول والغاز الطبيعي

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This course is designed to provide participants with the theoretical and practical (laboratory) skills on how to apply rock mechanics principles in Petroleum, Mining, and Civil applications.


PGE 455: TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE OF PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS COURSE SYLLABUS: Crude Oil Classification, Natural Gas Classification, Oil and Gas Transportation Methods, Crude Oil…


COURSE SYLLABUS PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS ECONOMICS (PGE 491): INTRODUCTION: Course Learning Outcomes and Syllabus, Brief on Islamic Economy Principles. CHAPTER 1: HISTORY OF OIL IN SAUDI…

office hours

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
from _ 08:00 AM _ 08:00 AM _ 08:00 AM _
to _ 03:00 PM _ 03:00 PM _ 03:00 AM _
location _ Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics (PGE 491) Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics (PGE 491) _ Rock Mechanics (PGE 544) Rock Mechanics (PGE 544) _ M.Sc. Thesis Supervision and Research Activities M.Sc. Thesis Supervision and Research Activities _