IT Project Risk Management: A Case Study of Madar a Saudi IT Project

Conference Paper
Al-Saleh, Kholoud Saad . 2012
Conference Name
International Conference on Information Technology, System and Management ( ICITSM 2012 )
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Publication Abstract

There is a need to investigate Information technology (IT) Companies in Saudi Arabia for Risk Management for two reasons. Firstly, it is obvious from the literature that one reason for failure of IT projects is Risk Management. Secondly, IT industry in Saudi Arabia is in a maturing stage, and Saudi Arabia is a developing country that is undergoing great advances in technology. Therefore, Madar a Saudi IT project at King Saud University has been selected as a case study, to investigate if risk management was performed during its development, and if risk management was performed according to the known best practices. This paper then suggests some strategies to encourage proper risk management among project managers and team members of IT projects. Furthermore, this paper emphasizes that risk management is not a waste of time and money in fact it is the way to success.