post-colonialism and counter discourse: A study of Arundhati Roy's Novel the God of small things in the counter discourse perspective

Journal Article
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Postcolonial literature
Magazine \ Newspaper
Issue Number
jhss xx111, no.1, 2015
Volume Number
jhss xx111, no.1, 2015
Publication Abstract

This study focuses on Arundhati Roy’s deployment of counter discursive practices in her novel, The God of Small Things. It attempts to explore how Arundhati Roy deconstructs the colonial hegemonic norms in her narratives. The researcher interprets her narratives in the post-colonial counter discourse settings. The study concludes that in this age of melting pot and neo-colonialism, linguistic hybridity and cultural syncreticity are advantageous sites of resistance, difference and ambivalence against the Euro-centric hegemonic norms.
Keywords: Colonialism; language; counter discourses; Deconstruction, hybridity