Welcome to my web page. I am a Professor at the Information Technology Department, College of Computer and Information Sciences, and the first female Professor in the college. In terms of teaching, I have taught and supervised many BSc, MSc PhD courses and students. Besides teaching, I have played different managerial roles in the past years. I was the vice dean of the College of Computer and Information Sciences (2011-2015). Also, I was the first female President of the Saudi Computer Society’s female division (since 2013) and the first female member of the Saudi Computer Society board (since 2015). Moreover, I am a member of the Editorial Board of journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences (since 2012).

In terms of research, I have published more than 160 research papers in national and international symposiums, workshops, conferences and journals (check my reseach impact). Also, I am the coordinator of iWAN Research Group, one of CCIS official research groups. The group research focuses on Web technologies (e.g. semantic web, mobile web, knowledge engineering, web mining, etc.), Arabic Natural Language processing, Islamic Applications as well as multidisciplinary research such as E-Systems, including  E-Government, E-learning, and Assistive Technologies.


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