Intelligent System Design Requirements for personalizing e-Learning Systems: Applications of AI to Education

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Al-Hudhud, Ghada . 2012
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ISI Journal Article
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Personalized learning aims at recognizing learner’s cognitive skills and learning preferences in the learning environment.
Personalized learning offers flexibility in learning as blended learning. Modeling personalized learning involves identifying
learners’ styles and offering the learning options in any learning environment and associated learning management system
(LMS) in use. In this context, learning management system design involves considering heterogeneous learners’
capabilities and styles. In traditional classroom format, a teacher modifies content-related activities based on the various
levels of learners’ capabilities and learning preferences. However, due to the lack of adaptive interaction tools in the current
LMSs, LMSs do not learn the users’ learning styles whilst the teacher does. The work presented in this paper includes a
study of producing design requirements for an intelligent learning shell to be implemented, with the learning technology in
use, which adapts learners’ learning styles. The study aims at recording the effective multi communications that are related
to the curricular activities. Among these activities are: obtaining e-object, assessment, assignments, group projects. These
activities were performed using modern approaches like peer-to-peer learning, cooperative work and filling in the
knowledge gaps. The study introduces recommendations related to both learning styles that help in personalizing the
LMS associated and the tools that employ these modern approaches. In this paper also there is a quantitative study