A Review of Women Identity and Empowerment

Conference Paper
Karen., Al-Jahani, Areej; Jones, . 2018
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Conference Paper
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International Conference on Gender Research
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Gender Research
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university of Rome
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The issue addressed this review paper is about how women can develop their gendered identities and then further

their professional identity and then further their professional identity which at core is defined by women psychologically or say, based on their personal experiences such as life stories. The overall and influencing culture worldwide is still largely

based on patriarchy and there is a repressed, integral experience appropriate to women’s bodies and lives which is no less powerful because of its invisibility and marginality due to the patriarchal culture. It is revealed that commitments of society,

relationship and religious issues are actually less identity forming as compared to the women’s own sense of effect upon the

world. This own world of ambitions and desire to make it to the top level of leadership is affected by gender biases or gender power conflicts. It is found from the review of literature that identity development process begins during early age upbringing

where in society and family influences are vital in the form of social and cultural factors shaping the identity and igniting the identity development process. Identity thus developed enables women to start their journey of achieving leadership and

overall empowerment. There is an overlap between concepts of identity and leadership as to which leads to empowerment. The current stage of this study is at the completion of review of literature and further stages will include qualitative analyses

of narratives of identity, leadership and empowerment journeys of female academics working in six selected universities of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Main aim of this research study is to find out relationships between identity,

leadership and empowerment and how women can achieve either individual or collective empowerment in the long term.