High-efficiency remediation of cadmium (Cd2+) from aqueous solution using poultry manure– and farmyard manure–derived biochars

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Kong, Muhammad Idrees, Saima Batool, Qaiser Hussain, Hidayat Ullah, Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Wabel, Mahtab Ahmad & Jie . 2016
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Separation Science and Technology
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Farmyard manure (FYM-BC) and poultry manure (PM-BC) derived biochars were applied as adsorbents to remove Cd2+ fromwater. Results indicated that PM-BC was amore efficient adsorbent than FYM-BC at all experimental conditions. Maximum Cd2+ adsorption was observed at pH 4, temperature 318 K and contact time 1 h, regardless of biochar type. The Langmuir model predicted maximum adsorption capacity of 90.09 mg g−1 for PM-BC. The data fitting to pseudo-second-order model proposed chemisorption of Cd2+ onto biochars. Thermodynamics indicated that adsorption was spontaneous and endothermic. Post-adsorption analysis provided evidences of strong chemical interactions between biochars’ functional groups and Cd2+ ions.