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د. عبدالمحسن العطوي

Assistant Professor

قسم القانون الخاص | مشرف وحدة التدريب الميداني في كلية الحقوق والعلوم السياسية

كلية الحقوق والعلوم السياسية
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Conference Paper

Electronic Consumer Protection in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that are increasingly using the concept of e-commerce. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is in charge of controlling e-commerce in Saudi Arabia. The ministry of Communication and information Technology is responsible for the enforcement of laws that deal with electronic contracts. Fraud is one of the major problems that affect the electronic consumers in Saudi Arabia. The laws in Saudi Arabia are not specific in addressing the issues of electronic consumers. A draft law is in place and aimed at enhancing consumer protection. The draft law proposes tough measures for the offenders. This is aimed at ensuring that the unscrupulous business people are eliminated from the market. However, the country lacks clear laws and regulations to govern e-commerce and electronic contracts. Forgery is also a challenge that the consumers face when implementing electronic contacts in Saudi Arabia. Other countries have clear policies as well as laws that govern e-commerce. United Sates of America has clear policies as well as an independent organization that regulates e-commerce laws. European Union also has stringent laws that are aimed at protecting the electronic consumers. It is recommended that Saudi Arabia develops specific laws and regulations in order to enhance the electronic consumer protection.

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