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د. عبدالله بن غرم الشهري

Assistant Professor

وكيل كلية علوم الرياضة والنشاط البدني للشؤون التعليمية والأكاديمية و أستاذ علم الاجتماع الرياضي المساعدبقسم الميكانيكا الحيوية والسلوك الحركي ورئيس وحدة الأنشطة الطلابية وعضو المسئولية المجتمعية ورئيس العلاقات العامة والإعلام وعضو مركز البحوث بالكلية

كلية علوم الرياضة والنشاط البدني

Sports Sociology / Sports and Society book by Dr. Amin Al-Khouli.

Sports is one of the important human activities. There is hardly any form of sport devoid of inhumanity in a society; Regardless of the degree of progress or backwardness of this society; Man has known it through his different eras and civilizations; If you diverge. Some civilizations have taken care of sports for military considerations, whether they are defensive or expansionist; Others practice sports to fill their spare time; While sport was employed in other civilizations as an educational method; Where the ancient educational thinkers became aware of the framework of values ​​in which sports; its great ability to raise children, normalize and build a balanced social character; Not to mention the health effects of sports and physical training; He has prepped its contents. In the modern era, the continuous public gardens for scholars and researchers of public education and sports in their quest to confirm the building on the ground for the academy; Enter once in a while to look at sports with a comprehensive view; It was difficult to address this growing human activity after the social culture of sports began to become clear. On Wednesday, ignore the social media for this business. From which it began to emerge: a branch of Walid and the New Testament under the name “The Sociology of Mathematical Sciences”».