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د. عبدالعزيز بن حسين العنزي

Assistant Professor

أستاذ الهندسة البيئية المساعد

كلية الهندسة
كلية الهندسة - قسم الهندسة الكيميائية مكتب 2B32

Water Treatment Engineering-CHE 573

Process fundamentals and design of physical-chemical systems for drinking water treatment. Includes water quality standards and regulations, coagulation-flocculation, sedimentation, flotation, media-filtration, disinfection, and ion exchange.

Recommended Books

Water Quality and Treatment: A Handbook of Community Water Supplies, 6th Edition, American Water Works Association, 2012.
Water Treatment-Principle and Design, MWH, Third edition, 2012

Other Supplementary Books

Unit Operations and Processes in Environmental Engineering, 2nd Edition, T. D. Reynolds and Paul A. Richards, PWS Publishing Company, 1996.
The Drinking Water Handbook, Frank R. Spellman and Joanne Drinan, 2nd Edition, 2012 by Taylor & Francis Group.
Handbook of Drinking Quality, 2nd Edition, John De Zuane, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1997.
Chemistry of Water Treatment, 2nd Edition, Samuel D. Faust and Osman M. Aly, 1999.

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