Gender Difference Exist in the Association of Leptin and Adiponectin Levels with Insulin Resistance Parameters in Pre-pubertal Arab Children

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S., Al-Daghri NM1, Al-Attas OS, Alokail MS, Alkharfy KM, Hussain T, Sabico . 2011
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Journal of Pediatric and Metabolism
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Differences in correlations between leptin, adiponectin and insulin resistance in children exist in different ethnic populations. No such information is available in Arab children. This study aims to fill this gap.


Three hundred and twenty-five prepubertal children were recruited in this cross-sectional study. Body mass index (BMI), waist and hip circumferences and fasting glucose were measured by standard procedures. Serum insulin, leptin and adiponectin were assayed by ELISA.


Leptin and adiponectin levels were significantly correlated with anthropometric parameters, HOMA-IR and insulin in all subjects and with fasting glucose in girls only. Correlations of adiponectin with HOMA-IR and insulin in boys and of leptin with insulin in girls were independent of BMI, waist and hip circumferences.


Gender differences exist in the distribution of adipocytokines in prepubertal children. The associations of adipocytokines with obesity biomarkers in prepubertal children suggest a causal link between childhood obesity and the risk of an early diabetes onset.