Antihyperglycemic Activity and Body weight effects of Extracts of Emblica officianalis, Tamarix nilotica and Cinnamon Plant in Diabetic Male Rats

The study investigated the anti-hyperglycemic potential of aqueous extracts of Emblica 
officianalis fruit, Tamarix nilotica leaf and cinnamon sticks for six weeks on sterptozotocin 
induced (70 mg/kg) diabetic obese rats compared to metformin as a standard drug. Six groups 
were administered plant extracts at two doses (200 mg/kg b.wt, 400mg/kg b.wt) with two groups 
as the positive and negative controls. Blood glucose, body weights, cholesterol, triglycerides, and 
creatinine levels were assessed. All plant extracts doses; significantly (p≤0.001) reduced blood 
glucose levels among diabetic rats in the fifth and sixth weeks except the group treated with the 
lower dose of cinnamon. Body weights significantly increased during the fourth, fifth and sixth 
weeks, being more pronounced in the plant treated diabetic groups compared to the diabetic 
control and metformin group. Furthermore, all doses showed significant decrease (p≥0.05) in 
serum glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride, and levels compared to the metformin, however, there 
was no significant serum creatinine effect. The anti-diabetic potential of the plant extracts used 
was dose-independent and there was no significant difference observed within the plant treated 
groups. However, all the plant extract used proved better than metformin. This suggests a 
marked anti-diabetic potential of the plant extracts attributed to their polyphenolic constituents.