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د. زياد بن محمد الحديثي

Assistant Professor

عضو هيئة تدريس, قسم إعلام

العلوم اﻹنسانية واﻻجتماعية



- صحيفة سبق : قدمها "الحديثي" أمام مختصين وأكاديميين من دول الخليج ورقة في "الإعلام…

introduction/brief CV

Dynamic and results-driven Media Consultant with comprehensive experience in planning, devising, and implementing successful media campaigns and strategies. Recognised for executing more than 28 campaigns worth 400M SR and directing diverse advertising channels, including outdoor, social media, TV, radio, and digital platforms. Adept at leveraging extensive industry knowledge and creative expertise to optimise brand visibility and engagement. Expert in driving impactful media campaigns, elevating public image, and delivering measurable results for diverse clients. Transformational leader; directing, training, and facilitating cross-functional teams to render exceptional performance and results.

  • Repeated success in consistently achieving positive outcomes through consultations within the energy sector.
  • Proven track record of publishing numerous research articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Articulate communicator; exhibiting excellent organisational and interpersonal skills at all levels.

areas of expertise


  • media campaigns
  • Film Production
  • Digital Media
  • Training & Development
  • Content Creation & Marketing
  • Social Media Expert
  • Film Maker

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see all


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