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د. يحيى الظلمي Yahya Aldholmi, PhD

Associate Professor

أستاذ مشارك

اللغات وعلومها
كلية اللغات وعلومها، قسم اللسانيات، الدور ٢، مكتب ٢١٧١
Conference Paper

Musheebah, Aldholmi, & Alrouqi (2022). Dialectal vs. Standard Arabic Formant Frequencies as Potential Forensic Phonetics Parameters, 9th International Conference on Language, Literature & Linguistics 2022: Singapore, 8-15.

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Previous research has utilized the duration ratio and occasionally the duration difference as single-value metrics to measure and compare the temporal acoustics of durationally contrastive…


We examined the contributions of segment type (consonants vs. vowels) and segment ratio to word recognition in Arabic sentences, a language that has a nonconcatenative morphological system in…