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د. وليد بن سعد الزامل

Associate Professor

مدير مركز بحوث كلية العمارة والتخطيط

كلية العمارة والتخطيط
مبنى رقم 32 - الدور الثاني - مكتب رقم 2109
Conference Paper

The Impact of Urban Renewal on Economic Activities in the City Centers: Central of Mahayil Asir, a case study

The research paper highlights the analysis of the impact of urban renewal on economic activities in the center of old cities by applying it to a case study of the center of Mahayil Asir in Saudi Arabia. The research seeks to understand the negative effects of urban renewal projects in the absence of a comprehensive perspective in line with the environmental, economic, and social dimensions. The research used field survey tools and conducted exploratory studies with those involved in the urban renewal project for central Mahayil Asir, including visitors, commercial real estate owners, and investors in economic activities. The data was entered in a quantitative manner that can be measured statistically. The results of the study showed that the urban renewal project for the center of Mahayil focused on the urban dimension in terms of widening streets, solving traffic congestion problems, and improving the visual appearance. However, many negative effects that contributed to the migration of some economic activities, weak economic returns, and real estate values accompanied the project. The study recommended including economic feasibility studies in urban renewal projects for central Saudi cities and that these projects be compatible with sustainability principles, including the economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

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تعاني العديد من مشاريع الحفاظ على المناطق التراثية في المملكة العربية السعودية من تحديات في مراحل التخطيط، أو التنفيذ، أو التقييم، وهو ما يجعلها عرضة للفشل ويساهم في هدر الموارد الاقتصادية…

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by وليد الزامل

Nearby natural environments on campus grounds have become imperative in enhancing
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