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Tariq Ghalib Almutiri


محاضر بعلوم الحاسب/ رئيس وحدة الإحصاء والمعلومات بعمادة شؤون القبول والتسجيل

كلية المجتمع بالرياض
MainCampus(Building #66, Floor#3,Office#3056),MalazCampus(Building #4, Floor#6,Office#2)

Digital Marketing - WTGT 4210

Course description

This course provides a detailed, applied perspective on the theory and practice of digital marketing. It will highlight the importance of having a digital presence and the need for formulating an effective marketing strategy.

The course will cover related topics such as Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, email and content marketing. It will also provide students with the established methods of measuring and analyzing performance as well as methods to select between competing marketing approaches.

Course Objectives

The primary objective of this course is to examine and explore the role and importance of digital marketing in today’s rapidly changing business environment. It also focusses on how digital marketing can be utilized by organizations and how its effectiveness can be measured.

Required Textbook

• Digital Marketing: A Practical Approach, Third Edition (2018), Alan Charlesworth, Routledge Publications.

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