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Tariq Ghalib Almutiri


محاضر بعلوم الحاسب/ رئيس وحدة الإحصاء والمعلومات بعمادة شؤون القبول والتسجيل

كلية المجتمع بالرياض
MainCampus(Building #66, Floor#3,Office#3056)

Web Design & Development (2) - WEBT 2310

Course description

This course introduces intermediate to advanced web design and development techniques. The course Topics will focus in the frameworks for developing modular and highly functional websites. The course will give students skills for client-side scripting languages mainly JavaScript and its use as part of the AJAX technologies.

Course Objectives

  • Employ advanced design techniques to create high impact and highly functional websites.
  • Understand core elements of the JavaScript language.
  • Create Web pages with emerging and existing technologies, such as JavaScript, JSON and AJAX.

Required Textbook

  • Internet & World Wide Web - How to Program, P. Deitel, H. Deitel, and A. Deitel, PEARSON, 2012
  • JavaScript: the definitive guide, David Flanagan, O'Reilly Media, 2011

Electronic Materials

course attachements