Internet Programming-COMP2412

Course description

The course provides students with the fundamentals of web page design and web site development using HTML and Microsoft Expression Web, it covers the necessary knowledge for developing dynamic web pages and web applications with database connectivity using PHP and MYSQL. This course requires the student to build multiple web pages and implement at least one major website design that interacts with a database.

Course Objectives

  • Developing necessary skills to design and create web pages and websites.
  • Providing basics for creating CSS for web pages.
  • Providing an understanding of using and configuring web server.
  • Providing necessary skills for building dynamic and interactive web pages.
  • Providing basics for developing web applications with database connectivity.

Required Textbook

  • HTML, XHTML & CSS Quick steps , GUY HEART- Davis, McGraw-Hill, 2010.
  • PHP 6 and MySQL 5 for Dynamic Web Sites, Larry Ullman, Peachpit Press, 2009 or latest.

References Websites

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