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Introduction, Definitions, classification of polymers, Polymerization and copolymerization techniques, Characterization and determination of Molecular weight, Configuration of polymers chains( structure and microstructure), Solubility of polymer and miscibility, Determination of thermal properties of polymers.
Practical:  Solubility and precipitation of polymers
 Techniques of purification of monomers, catalysts and polymers
 Polymerization of suitable monomer using free radical
 Polymerization of suitable monomer using anionic or cationic polymerization
 Polymerization of suitable monomers using polycondensation method
 Copolymerization using free radicals and characterizations
 Determination of molecular weight by viscosimetry
 Grafting of polymer using free radical.
 Determination of structure and microstructure of polymer using spectroscopic techniques

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