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Shaun Sabico

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor and Deputy Director

كلية العلوم
Chair for Biomarkers of Chronic Diseases, Biochemistry Department, College of Science, KSU

Frontiers in Endocrinology Research Topic: Dysbiosis, Obesity, and Inflammation: Interrelated Phenomena Causes or Effects of Metabolic Syndrome?

Abstract Submission Deadline 16 December 2022
Manuscript Submission Deadline 15 April 2023

This Special Issue aims to thus cover, through original investigations and up-to-date review articles, the following interesting areas which may however be extended around the study topic:

• Dysbiosis or alteration in gut microbiota in obesity and MetS;

• Adipose tissue and immune response linking dysbiosis and MetS;

• Triggers, Mechanisms, and Consequences of metabolic inflammation;

• Association analysis of inflammatory cytokines in dysbiosis and MetS;

• Pathogenesis of MetS, as well as any pharmacological, nutritional, or lifestyle treatment aimed at controlling or reversing it;

• Assessment of differences in gut microbiota and dysbiosis in MHO, MHNW and metabolically unhealthy obesity;

• Role of gut microbiota in mechanistic triggers of advancement to metabolically unhealthy obesity from MHO phenotype.

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