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د. شايع بن وقيان بن زيد الوقيان الدوسري Dr. Shayea Aldossari

Assistant Professor

عضو هيئة تدريس

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٢ أ ١٤٥ مبنى ٤

Math-203: Differential and Integral Calculus

 Text: Calculus by Swokowski, Olinick, Pence (Sixth Edition)
 Coures Contents: Sections,Topics:
   Chapter 8: Infinite Series.
8.1 Sequences.

8.2 Convergence or Divergence Series.

8.3 Positive‐term Series.

8.4 The Ratio and Root Tests.

8.5 Alternating Series and Absolute Convergence.

8.6 Power Series.

8.7 Power Series Representation of Functions.

8.8 Maclaurin and Taylor Series.

Chapter 13: Multiple Integrals.

13.1 Double Integrals.

13.2 Area and Volume.
13.3 Double Integrals in Polar Coordinates.

13.4 Surface Area.

13.5 Triple Integrals.

13.6 Moments and Center of Mass.

13.7 Cylindrical Coordinates.

13.8 Spherical Coordinates.

Chapter 14: Vector Calculus.

14.1 Vector fields.

14.2 Line Integrals.

14.3 Independence of Path.

14.4 Green’s Theorem.

14.5 Surface Integrals.

14.6 The Divergence Theorem.

14.7 Stockes’s Theorem.

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