Math-106 Integral Calculus

Text:Calculus by Swokowski, Olinick, Pence (Sixth Edition).
Coures Contents: Sections,Topics:
4.1. Antiderivatives and indefinite integrals.

4.2. Change of variables in indefinite integrals.

4.3. Summation notation and area.

4.4. The definite integral.

4.5. Properties of definite integral.

4.6. The fundamental theorem of calculus.

4.7. Numerical integration.

6.2 The natural logarithm function.

6.3.The exponential function.

6.4. Integration using natural logarithm and exponential function.

6.5. General exponential function and logarithm function.

6.7.Inverse trigonometric functions.

6.8.Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions.

6.9. Indeterminate forms and L’Hopital’s rule

7.1. Integration by parts.

7.2.Trigonometric integrals.

7.3. Trigonometric substitutions.

7.4. Integrals of rational functions (Partial fractions).

7.5. Quadratic expressions and miscellaneous substitutions.

7.7. Improper integrals

5.1. Area between curves.

5.2. Volume (by disk or washer method).

5.3.Volume (by Cylindrical shells method).

5.5. Arc length and surface of revolution.

9.1. Parametric equations.

9.2 .Arc length and surface area.

9.3.Polar coordinates.

9.4.Integrals in polar coordinates.

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