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سهام بنت سليمان بن إبراهيم الطريري

Assistant Professor

عضو هيئة تدريس

كلية العلوم
المدينة الجامعية للطالبات-الدرعية/ مبنى5/ الدور الثالث/مكتب157


May 2024

وجهت المحاضرة لطلاب وطالبات كلية العلوم من أجل الأستعداد لمستقبل أفضل ودعماً لجيل منافس…

introduction/brief CV

Dr. Seham S. Al Terary
Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry
Collage of Science/ Chemistry Department
Vice-Head of Department of Chemistry
Nanotechnology Unit Supervisor in Girls University City-KAIN
 :Office hours 

From Sunday to Thursday at girls campus at al-diriyah Building 5, 3rd floor, office 306  from 800-200   

areas of expertise

الإهتمامات العلمية والبحثية

Areas of expertise

Organic Chemistry Synthesis -Nanotechnology-Nano synthesis -Green synthesis-Sustainability-Water treatment-Catalysis

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In the present work, an extract of Salvia officinalis leaves was used to synthesize an alumina/NiO nanocomposite by the coprecipitation method. First, the shape and surface content of the…

by Seham S. Alterary
Published in:
American Chemical Society

The unique properties of calcium oxide (CaO) and zinc oxide (ZnO) at the nanoscale have attracted the interest of scientists as promising electrically conductive substances for sensing purposes.…

by Seham S. Alterary, Gamal A. E. Mostafa, Maha F. El-Tohamy, Athar M. Elhadi, Haitham AlRabiah

This study is based on green synthesized nanomaterials that increase fluorescence intensity in the study of the anticancer drug palbociclib. The basis for the nanomaterials was the use of alumina/…

by Seham S. Alterary a, Gamal A.E. Mostafa b,* Maha F. El-Tohamy a, and Haitham AlRabiah
Published in:

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يستعرض المقرر مقدمة في المواد النانوية، من حيث التصنيف والتشكيلات: النقاط الكمومية والجسيمات النانوية، الصفائح النانوية والأغشية الرقيقة، الأنابيب النانوية، القضبان النانوية والأسلاك النانوية.…


Short Course Descriptions Part I Polymers, definition, Classification of polymers , Chemical and physical properties, General…


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: · Name organic compounds using IUPAC naming system, their occurrence in nature, physical properties. ·…

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