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سعود بن عبدالعزيز بن عبدالهادي الغامدي

Assistant Professor

استاذ مساعد

كلية السياحة والآثار
قسم الاثار


Personal Data



Name: Saud Abdulaziz Alghamdi




Academic Qualifications


Bachelor degree from Archaeology department in King Saud University 1999

Master degree from  Bradford University 2006

PhD degree from Durham  University 2011

Employment Record

Assistant professor 2011
 Lecturer in Archaeology department 2001


Research Interests


 Empty Quarter excavations  Alfau site

Archaeology comprehensive survey in the South west of Empty Quarter and SW of KSA

 Archaeology survey and excavations  in Farasan islands

Archaeology excavations  in the South west of KSA


   Membership of Saudi British team Southern Red Sea Project     2006-2008




Conferences, Seminars and training


Arabian seminar 2004-2007 London
Persian seminar 2005 -2006 Bradford
Persian seminar 2007-2008 Durham

Course design 2012

Effective teaching 2012

Student assessment 2012

Micro teaching 2012

Research Interests


Prehistory Archaeology
Settlement studies
Paleoenvironment studies

Gis and Gps applications
Rock Art studies
Archaeology survey
Archaeology excavations
Lithics tool study and anlysis
Ceramic study and anlysis
Shells and fish bones studies

Raw materials studies

Museum studies






- Coastal archaeology and prehistory in the Southwest Region of Saudi Arabia and the Farasan Islands: Preliminary report on the 2004 and 2006 surveys of the joint Saudi-UK Southern Red Sea Project 
Bailey, G.N., Alsharekh, A., Flemming, N.C., Momber, G., Moran, L.J., Sinclair, A., King, G.C.P., Vita-Finzi, C, AlMa’Mary, A., AlShaikh, N.Y., and AlGhamdi, S.