I, Dr.Rizwan Wahab working as an Assistant Professor, in the department of Zoology King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and have about eight year teaching and research experience for graduate and undergraduate classes at university level. I did my Ph.D from the prestigious Chonbuk National University Jeonju, South Korea in the field of Nanotechnology, Material science and nanobiotechnology, on the topic of “Nano-biotechnological applications of metal oxides nanostructures”. During my doctorate as well as in the post doctoral period, I have published no. of paper in reputed Journals on the topic of metal and metal oxides nano structures such as Ag, Au, Pt, ZnO, MgO, SnO2, CuO etc and their applications such as in the photocatalysis, hydrogen storage, microbiology, cell biology, DNA damage, biosensing etc. Including these, I have also presented the essence of work in various international conferences/seminars. I have also received the best research award from Brain Korea 21(BK-21) during my Ph.D tenure. I also worked on several projects such as novel bio-devices by Nano-bio fusion technology and its application, solar cells etc. Beside these, I have a privilege to be a Chonbuk National University post-doctoral fellow, South Korea on project of Nano-Bio technological application of nanostructured materials during that period. The current research interest of my work is nano-biotechnological applications of nanostructured material for the anticancer, antimicrobial and optical studies of DNA and proteins study.