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Prof. Mohammed Rafiq H. Siddiqui



كلية العلوم

CHEM 103 - General Chemistry

CHEM103 - General Chemistry
Stoichiometry: SI units, chemical formulas, the mole, methods of expressing concentration, calculations based on chemical equations.
Gases: Laws, kinetic theory, deviation and van der Waals equation. Thermo chemistry: Types of enthalpy changes, Hess Law and its applications,, first law of thermodynamics. Solutions: Type of solutions and laws related, colligative properties. Chemical Kinetics: Law of reaction rate, reaction order, factors affecting the reaction. Chemical Equilibrium: Reaction between Kc & Kp, Le Chatelier's principle and factor affecting equilibrium.
Ionic equilibrium: Acid and base concepts, pH calculations of acid, base and buffer solutions. Eleven experiments including: Physical properties of mater, Hess’s law, chemical kinetics, volumetric analysis.

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