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V.S. Periasamy M.Sc., Ph.D

Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Nano-Biotechnology

كلية علوم الأغذية والزراعة
AA40, Nanobiotechnology and Molecular Biology lab, Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Research Projects

Ongoing Projects: 

  1. Identification, characterization and in vitro evaluation of food surfactant associated-ultrafine carbonaceous particulates on human colon-, immune- and adult mesenchymal stem cells (KACST-NPST-Project ).
  2. Profiling of human gut microbial communities and role in the pathogenesis of chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, colon cancer and asthma) in Saudi population: A comparative metagenomic analysis by next generation sequencing platform(DSR-KSU-Highly cited Reserach group )
  3. Screening of human cell – nanoparticle interaction specific biomarkers for safety risk analysis of nanoscale-food additives (KACST-NPST-Project - )
  4. In vitro Toxicology and Drug screening (DSR-KSU-Research Group Project )
  5. Physico-chemical speciation of polar/non-polar polycyclic fatty acid materials (PNP-PC-FAMs) as neo-formed contaminants in junk foods and their role in pathogenesis of chronic inflammation and metabolic disorders(KACST-NPST-Project)
  6. Synthesis of Multifunctional Nanostructures using Phoenix dactylifera L. Agro-wastes as Sustainable Bio-precursor for Biomedical Applications (KACST-NPST-Project)


  1.   In vitro toxicity evaluation of food and agricultural related nanoparticles on human primary and established cells (2010 - 2013) (KACST-NPST-Project)