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Othman Y. Alothman


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كلية الهندسة
Chemical Engineering Dept

introduction/brief CV


I am currently working at the Department of Chemical Engineering, King Saud University. I teach courses of Transport Phenomena, and Polymer Processing and Characterization for undergraduate as well as graduate students.
My Research interests are related to Polymer Science and Engineering, including processing and characterization.
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Research Interests:

• Polymer processing: injection molding, extrusion, and film blowing

• Polymer blends, composites and nanocomposites, Natural Fiber additives

• polymer recycling: PE, PET and PC recycling

• polymer characterization: Thermal, rheological and mechanical properties

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This course deals mainly with an introduction of   of thermal energy transfer problems which occur in the process industry (Chemical, Petrochemical, food, Pharmaceuticals etc…